Romain Gary: A lust for life

Romain Kacew, Fosco Sinibaldi, Shatan Bogat, Émile Ajar


China through Vermeer´s eyes

Johannes Vermeer


More faces?



The wall of ignorance



The Poet

Andrés Mirón



This is not a story.


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Romain Gary Story
Sunday March 22nd, 2020

Romain Gary: A lust for life

Few writers can claim to have led a life as intense as Romain Gary's. Few writers can claim to have written under so many pseudonyms. A few writers can claim…
Mujer joven leyendo una carta frente a la venta - destaca ChinaOthers
Thursday December 5th, 2019

China through Vermeer´s eyes

By analyzing the objects in 5 of Vermeer´s paintings, sinologist Timothy Brook shows the importance of international trade in XVII century between China and the West. In his magnificent Vermeer´s…
more faces grafiti ChinaShort storyOthers
Monday September 23rd, 2019

More faces?

Story based on a graffito photographed in Beijing´s 798 art district. “However bad things may seem, if you’re positive, you’ll feel like Cleopatra, even without high heels or anything… –says…
el muro de la ignorancia destaca ChinaOthers
Thursday June 27th, 2019

The wall of ignorance

  How Berlin East Side Gallery graffiti can help to speed up our de-donkeyfication process. During a visit this weekend to Berlin, I was hoping to continue with my plan…
andres-miron-destacado Hay FestivalPoetry
Tuesday June 18th, 2019

The Poet

  The incredible story of Andrés Mirón and how in an irony of fate, right before being killed in a road accident, he won the Villa de Aoiz International Poetry…
made in god - destaca ChinaLiteratureOthers
Tuesday June 4th, 2019

Made in God

  French street artist Combo has become a symbol of diversity, celebrating co-existence and encouraging us to “Fear no one, fear nothing”. He has plastered Hong Kong with Google advertisements…


“¡Cogito, ergo we are all confused!”

From The Headless Man, Dibugrafías

La geografía del erizo

La geografía del erizo

Ilustraciones: Miguel Panadero
Prólogo: Juan Vicente Piqueras Salinas
Cuadernos del Laberinto, 2020
ISBN: 9788412130935

Al igual que Xu Guangqi, también conocido como Paolo Xu, tras convertirse al cristianismo en 1603, bajo la influencia de Matteo Ricci, afirmaba que hay principios comunes al Este y al Oeste, los erizos de esta Geografía rompen su silencio y nos hablan de tú a tú, reclamando también una terra communis, en la que sean los lugares los que hacen el amor y en la que se respire hondo antes de decirte adiós. Nada nos destruye más —reflexiona George Steiner— que el silencio de otro ser humano. De ahí la furia insensata de Lear hacia Cordelia, y la profunda observación de Kafka de que muchos hombres sobrevivieron al canto de las sirenas pero ninguno a su silencio.

Para combatir al aniquilante silencio, es preciso primero tener tendencia al otro, y segundo, ser capaz de provocar su eco, para conseguir que nos acompañe. De aquí también, quizás, los últimos versos, algo etílicos, de este libro:

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“Cuando te llevo de la mano,
ya no imagino que habremos
de echar espinas para salvarnos;
imagino más bien que marcho
hacia el mundo,
como si estuviera de mi lado.
¡Será el vino!”

Del poema El vino, La geografía del erizo


Short story, Art, 2017
ISBN: 9788417023928

Singapore, New York, Beijing, Madrid and many other locations around the world are the inspiration for more than 50 stories, each a reply to a painterly inquiry.

The result is Dibugrafías, as clear an example as any of “writing on the move”, creating wherever, free from the shackles of “sitting down to write” and the setting for such enigmatic characters as the numbered woman, the headless man or Mister No.

José Felix Valdivieso, a graduate of Law, as well as East Asian Studies, has a passion for languages, from Yoruba to Japanese, along with Chinese. He is the Communications Director at IE Business School and the author of the 2010 book Cosas y murciélagos (Things and Bats), published by Incipit Editores.

Miguel Panadero is a multi-faceted artist, engaged in a lifelong quest through painting, illustration and sculpture. His art, a reflection of the human condition and our relationship with our environment, has featured in numerous one-man and collective exhibitions.

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“I’ve also heard that flight exceeds the wing,
in the same way that painting exceeds the hand”

From I’ve Heard it Said, Dibugrafías

Cosas y murciélagos

Short story
CYAN, 2010
ISBN: 9788481988215

The world is travelling at 01 speed, unable to keep up with its own narration. These Things and bats are a bridge, a way of holding onto the world, of approaching the words of these things and the bats that live in it. Things, bats, you and me, are all points and the connections between two points and the bridge we have to extend to know ourselves as “existed”.

The magic is in connecting, and for that magic not to be broken, we need to be alert to all inclemency, because when one least expects it, suddenly, along comes a shout and finishes everything off.

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“Surely, memory is one of the first steps toward death.
When he began to remember…”

From The flight, Dibugrafías

José Félix Valdivieso

1965, Bruselas

Ecuadorian father and Spanish mother (Canarian), giving him two nationalities, he defines himself as a Janissary (the product of parents of different nationalities). He studied Law at Madrid’s Complutense University, and Oriental Studies, specializing in China, at the Spanish capital’s Autónoma University, and holds an MBA from IE Business School; he also briefly strayed into London with the intention of studying an LLM at University College.

At present

Chief of Staff of IE University President´s Office