Please do not leave your belongings unattended

especially your dreams!


The palimpsest of life



C.A.L.L.E. Hist the streets of Lavapies



Love to return



Graffiti of the World

Premio Internacional Cuadernos del Laberinto de Pensamiento, 2020


La geografía del erizo

Ya nadie tiene fuego.—La eriza dixit.


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Sunday September 5th, 2021

Please do not leave your belongings unattended, especially your dreams!

Afghan graffiti artist Shamsia Hassani takes on the Taliban.
CALL hits the streets Grafiti
Thursday May 20th, 2021

C.A.L.L.E. Hits the streets of Lavapies

Once again, C.A.L.L.E. ,the annual urban art festival held in Madrid’s bohemian Lavapiés neighborhood, is hitting the streets: #pastron7. The festival opened its metaphorical doors on May 4, 2021, for…
palimpsesto destaca Grafiti
Tuesday April 20th, 2021

The palimpsest of life: Banksy adds another layer

Banksy and Titian in the palimpsest of Madrid. Blek le rat accompanies them as best he can.
destaca-querer-volver-2 Grafiti
Sunday March 21st, 2021

Love to return

Casablanca and Boa Mistura’s graffiti, a combination with a story to tell of yesterday and today.
ox destaca ChinaOthers
Wednesday February 17th, 2021

Don’t you believe in chinese oxen?

The Year of the Ox. According to Chinese astrology, as well as others, our destiny is directly related to the position of the planets at the time of our birth.…
La calle -destaca GrafitiPoetry
Monday January 18th, 2021


Pastron#7 says he painted CALLE (street) because in the graffiti world, the talk is always about the “street”, “street art” here, “street artist” there, ad nauseam. So he chose the…


“¡Cogito, ergo we are all confused!”

From The Headless Man, Dibugrafías

World Graffiti

Other genres
Prologue by Pastron#7
English translation by Nick Line
Colección Anaquel de Pensamiento
Cuadernos del Laberinto, 2020
ISBN: 9788412280876

Some people think graffiti is art; some that it is a means to send a message, and there are also those who simply think graffiti is junk. But whatever you think, graffiti is created by its authors in a spirit of stoicism, accepting their anonymity and the fact that their work could disappear the minute it is finished. Graffiti is the Mono no aware, the feeling that expresses the fleeting nature of things; that these creations are beautiful precisely because of their impermanence.

This book is composed of fifty stories inspired by fifty graffiti from different cities around the world that tell —through their hallmark of finitude— how we are all unique and ephemeral at the same time.

Winning work of the I International Award Cuadernos del Laberinto de Pensamiento, 2020

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“Even nothingness has something” from the story”

from Noghing, Graffiti of the Word (2020).

La geografía del erizo

La geografía del erizo

Illustrations: Miguel Panadero
Prologue: Juan Vicente Piqueras Salinas
Cuadernos del Laberinto, 2020
ISBN: 9788412130935

Just as Xu Guangqi (徐光啟), also known as Paolo Xu after converting to Christianity in 1603 under the influence of Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci, asserted that East and West shared  common principles, the sea urchins of this geography break their silence and speak to us directly, and in their way call for a terra communis, where it’s places that make love and within which one breathes deeply before saying goodbye. They seem to be clear that identity is only confirmed when other identities capture our signs of life and return them: Pink Floyd sang Is there anybody out there? This Hegelian echo is fundamental, even if one carries spines, because this is what dictates to every being the imperious need for the presence of another, even though bristly fear and hatred will inevitably, although paradoxically, arise from that need. Nothing destroys us more, wrote George Steiner, than the silence of another human being. Hence Lear’s foolish fury at Cordelia and Kafka’s profound observation that many men survived the siren’s song but none their silence.
To combat this annihilating silence, one must first have a tendency toward the other, and secondly, be able to rouse their echo, so that it accompanies us. Hence, perhaps, the last verses, somewhat ethylic, of this book:

When I take you by the hand,
I no longer imagine we’ll need
to grow spines to save ourselves;
Instead, I imagine myself marching
toward the world,
as if it were on my side.
It must be the wine!

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“There is nothing more poetic than paying a bill”


from the poem “Discord”, The Geography of the sea urchin.


Short story, Art, 2017
ISBN: 9788417023928

Singapore, New York, Beijing, Madrid and many other locations around the world are the inspiration for more than 50 stories, each a reply to a painterly inquiry.

The result is Dibugrafías, as clear an example as any of “writing on the move”, creating wherever, free from the shackles of “sitting down to write” and the setting for such enigmatic characters as the numbered woman, the headless man or Mister No.

José Felix Valdivieso, a graduate of Law, as well as East Asian Studies, has a passion for languages, from Yoruba to Japanese, along with Chinese. He is the Communications Director at IE Business School and the author of the 2010 book Cosas y murciélagos (Things and Bats), published by Incipit Editores.

Miguel Panadero is a multi-faceted artist, engaged in a lifelong quest through painting, illustration and sculpture. His art, a reflection of the human condition and our relationship with our environment, has featured in numerous one-man and collective exhibitions.

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“I’ve also heard that flight exceeds the wing,
in the same way that painting exceeds the hand”

From I’ve Heard it Said, Dibugrafías

Cosas y murciélagos

Short story
CYAN, 2010
ISBN: 9788481988215

The world is travelling at 01 speed, unable to keep up with its own narration. These Things and bats are a bridge, a way of holding onto the world, of approaching the words of these things and the bats that live in it. Things, bats, you and me, are all points and the connections between two points and the bridge we have to extend to know ourselves as “existed”.

The magic is in connecting, and for that magic not to be broken, we need to be alert to all inclemency, because when one least expects it, suddenly, along comes a shout and finishes everything off.

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“Surely, memory is one of the first steps toward death.
When he began to remember…”

From The flight, Dibugrafías

José Félix Valdivieso

José Félix Valdivieso was born in Brussels, later graduating in East Asian Studies (specializing in Chinese) from UAM and in Law from UCM. He also holds an Executive MBA from IE Business School. He has traveled the world in search of languages, from Ancient and Modern Greek, as well as Russian, German, Chinese Japanese…and has now set about unravelling the language of the street—perhaps the most cyphered—through its graffiti. A problem, because as Ayako says in Love, one of the stories featured in this book “all languages are imprecise, and when they are precise they are so in their own way and she says that she knows this all too well because she translates, not just words and languages, but like everybody else, life, love, into something more chewable,” and that’s where the problems start, because everybody understands in their own way, and everybody’s way is their own way, not so precise…

At present

José Félix is also Chairman of IE China Center and author of the book Graffiti of the World, the poetry collection La Geografía del Erizo (Cuadernos del Laberinto, 2020), as well as the short story collection Dibugrafías ( 2017) and Cosas y Murciélagos (Incipit Editores, 2010).